A World of Opportunities at JYX

Join JYX and dive into a global community that’s shaping the future of packaging. Whether you’re beginning your career or are an experienced professional, there’s a place for you in our expansive company that spans JYX China, JYX Germany, JYX Indonesia and JYX USA.

Our Benefits:

  • Flexible Working Hours: Life happens, and we get it. We offer flexible hours for a balanced life.
  • Global Exposure: Dive into diverse cultures, interact with global teams, and experience multifaceted business strategies.

Our Hiring Process:

  • Application Review: Once received, our HR teams thoroughly review every application.
  • Initial Interview: Shortlisted candidates engage in an introductory conversation with our HR team.
  • Departmental Interview: Dive deeper into the role with interviews from the respective department heads.
  • Final Interview: Meet with senior leadership before receiving an offer.
  • Welcome to JYX! Our comprehensive onboarding process ensures you’re set for success.
Experienced Applicants:
We value your experience. Bring your expertise, your vision, and your drive to JYX, and let’s co-create innovative solutions in the packaging world.
Entry-Level Jobs:
Newly graduated or exploring a career change? Our entry-level positions are the perfect platform to step in society, nurture your skills, and watch your career grow.
Undergrad & Grad Students:
Internships: Step into the professional world with our internships tailor-made for students. Get real-world exposure, learn from industry leader, and shape your budding career.
Theses Collaborations:
Working towards a bachelor’s or master’s degree? Collaborate with us for your theses and be part of innovative research and development projects.

Questions About Joining Us?

Your inquire and concerns are important to us. Whether you’re wondering about roles, locations, or our company culture, we’re here to help. Get in touch with our recruitment team.