Design and engineering

Creative experts to realize your vision

Whether you’re a new client or a returning partner, our promise remains committed: To transform
your vision into tangible, exquisite packaging solutions that increases your brand awareness and
guarantees customer satisfaction. We provide clients with a one-stop comprehensive packaging
solution. From packaging concept, structural design development, manufacturing and delivery, we
ensure high-quality completion at each step.


We invest time in comprehending your brand, product, and the message you wish to convey,
tailoring a packaging solution that resonates with your brand identity. Our approach involves
offering insights on box construction that best suit your needs, considering factors such as material
choice, functionality, sustainability, logistics, costs, and more.

For clients starting from scratch and seeking guidance, we provide a starter design package,
creating diverse custom box constructions tailored to their needs. This package includes various
conceptual designs, 3D renderings for collaborative idea exchange, and the development of a white
sample prototype. It’s important to note that clients are responsible for providing the artwork and
graphics. For further details, please reach out to our sales team

Service and tasks design apartment

Concept Design and visualizations:
Start with simple solutions, share ideas, and delve deeper into possibilities. Early visualizations aid
in grasping the final outcome before production. Our services include
3D renderings, sketches, photoshoots, and videos.
Proofs, Print Files & Color Separation:
Our technical process ensures your printed artwork aligns with your vision consistently and at a
high quality. Proper color separation guarantees a flawless print every time. If you’re submitting
artwork, please check our print file guidelines for Offset printing. 

Researching Trends:
In the ever-changing world of packaging, staying updated is essential. We delve into market developments to keep your packaging solution and production technique in line with current trends.

Exhibitions and case Study creation:
Explore our best work, showcasing innovations in materials, finishes, and box constructions. Our
portfolio provides a glimpse into possibilities and sets high standards. Each year, we dedicate time
to develop unique box constructions to meet market demands. We also offer basic box
constructions, allowing clients to focus solely on the artwork. Meet us at trade shows or visit our
showroom in Germany for more details.


Service and tasks engineering apartment

Custom box design construction:
Going beyond the basics, we create bespoke box structures tailored to your unique brand needs.
Our team delves into the specific demands of your product to craft specialized solutions.
Our engineering team excels in crafting unique box structures, showcasing expertise in designing
irregular-shaped boxes, smart folding boxes, and integrating functional elements. We blend
creativity with precision, specializing in custom box constructions and mastering dielines (Keylines)
for flawless execution. Our commitment extends from initial samples to full-scale production.
Basic rigid box constructions:
Explore our reliable classics, foundational designs suitable for various products and needs.
Lift-Off Lid Box: Easily accessible with a separate lid for convenient opening.
Shoulder Box: Reinforced sidewalls for added protection.
Drawer Box: A sleek design with a sliding drawer for an elegant touch.
Two-Piece Box: A classic duo of separate lid and base, ideal for versatile packaging.
Hinged Lid Box: Seamlessly connected, providing a cohesive and secure enclosure.
Collapsible, foldable Rigid Box: Efficiently designed to fold flat for storage and transport.

Introducing JYX Smart Basics
- Revolutionizing box Construction to meet market needs!

Our modular basic box system allows customers to kickstart their packaging needs effortlessly.
These basic boxes blend the best of folding and rigid boxes, resulting in a sturdy yet easily
customizable option. We call them hybrid-solutions. With various features for further
personalization, our solution can be flat-packed, reducing logistics costs and making transportation
more efficient. Our box construction is eco-friendly, responding to market demands for minimal
material usage, lightweight design, and reduced glue.

Setting up and handling these boxes is easy, and we offer a range of standard sizes to suit your
requirements. Connect with our sales team to get your hands on our latest catalog of JYX Smart
Basics, just released in 2024! Be the first to provide this excellent solution to your customers.