Inlays and accessories

Precision perfected: Elevate your unboxing experience with custom inlays for rigid boxes!

Immerse your customers in a world of sophistication and precision with our meticulously crafted inlays for rigid boxes. Designed to complement the contours of your products, these inlays offer a seamless blend of aesthetics and functionality. Elevate the unboxing experience and secure your items in style, as our precision-fit inlays not only protect but showcase your products with a touch of luxury. Unleash the power of presentation with our customizable inlays, where every detail is crafted to leave a lasting impression.

Paper folded inlay

Material: Crafted using precisely folded high-quality paper.

Advantages: Offers a unique design dimension, lightweight, and cost-effective.

Cost: Lower to moderate, dependent on paper quality and folding complexity.

EVA inlay

EVA stands for Ethylene-vinyl acetate.

Material: A soft and durable polymer blend.

Advantages: Often used for products that need added protection or cushioning. Provides excellent shock absorption.

Cost: Middle range, given its specialized utility and production process.

Paper mould inlay

Material: Derived from processed and molded paper pulp.

Advantages: Sustainable and biodegradable, offering a unique organic feel.

Cost: Moderate, dependent on the complexity of the mold, finish and production volume. Higher Initial cost for the mold make it more suitable for larger quantities.

Special Accessory Types - Infinite Creative Possibilities

In the packaging industry, accessory are not just elements; they’re a canvas that paints a brand’s journey. But when combined with innovation and design prowess, these elements morph into experiential touchpoints, transforming an ordinary box into a sensory experience. We are able to source any kind of material. Allow us showcasing what’s possible when these meets imagination.


A hint of elegance. Use ribbons to add a touch of
luxury, making every unboxing feel like
unwrapping a special gift.

Integrated magnetic Closure

Simple, sleek, secure. Experience the satisfying
click of a premium seal every time you close the
box. Perfectly integrated into the surface.

Handles for drawers

Elevate functionality. Make accessing your
product a breeze with stylish and practical

Customized plastic elements

Versatility in design. Whether transparent or
tinted, these elements add a unique touch,
providing both form and function to your

Integrated LED light

Shine a spotlight on what matters. Open the
box to a radiant reveal, making your product
the star.


Vacuum-formed trays offer a tailored solution
for secure product placement and presentation.