The art of the start: From design and manufacturing to the
finalized packaging solution and beyond

01 / Sample Preparation

Before sample production, our in-house design
and engineering team meticulously crafts
precision dielines. Each box surface is transformed
into a two-dimensional shape, ensuring a flawless
fit of the outer layer on the inner box construction.
We excel in this discipline. Every hundredths of a
millimeter counts for us! Prototypes are produced
using our flatbed CNC-cutting machines. Folding
boxes follow a similar process, requiring the
creation of a single layer.

02 / White Sample Production

Our sample apartment allows clients to prototype
their packaging designs before mass production.
This enables testing and evaluation of packaging
ideas prior to market launch. Our in-house
workshop creates specialized tools for crafting
unique box designs. Every sample production
undergoes meticulous oversight from our team of
engineers and designers, ensuring the highest
quality. We iterate as necessary to achieve the
desired result – an exceptional rigid box. It’s akin
to examining a luxurious dress; the attention to
detail, like the seams, reflects the care and passion
behind its production.

03 / The origin of every rigid box: 100% recycled greyboard

We use 100% recycled greyboard for sturdy, eco-
friendly rigid boxes. Available in different
thicknesses, this material undergoes initial cutting
at the start of production. CNC-Cutting machines
make precise 45-degree bevel cuts to enhance box
construction, while CNC-router machines create
holes for magnets. Special machinery allows for
customized curved surface designs

04 / 6+1 Offset printing

We employ advanced German printing technology
by KBA, Koenig&Bauer, for top-quality offset
printing. Offset printing allows us to mix and
reproduce every color, including Pantone
Spotcolors and metallic tones. Our CMYK colors
are eco-friendly, soy-based inks. With the capacity
to print six different colors simultaneously, along
with varnishing. We also utilize a specialized KPA-
Offset machine to achieve glossy and brilliant
results, especially on silver paper. Offset printing
delivers exceptional quality, ensuring precise
reproduction of even the finest details and uniform
coloring across surfaces.

05 / Paper finishes

Endless Creative Possibilities: Embossing,
Debossing, Hotfoiling, UV Highlighting, Silkscreen
Printing, Lamination, and More. These techniques
add texture, dimension, and visual appeal to your
design. Each method serves a unique purpose,
whether it’s transforming the paper’s surface,
applying metallic foils, highlighting with a glossy
finish, printing on various materials, or enhancing
protection and tactile experience. Elevate your
product and shape your brand identity with our
paper finishing options

06 / Smart - Semi-automatic manufacturing

We offer flexible solutions tailored to your project’s
size and production volume. Our adaptable
production process ensures efficiency, competitive
pricing, and consistent quality. With mobile
production units, we can optimize their
arrangement to manufacture most efficiently your
packaging solution.

07 / Fully automatic manufacturing

Our advanced, efficient production techniques
allow for rapid large-scale manufacturing. We
continually invest in the latest technology. Both
rigid and folding boxes can be produced fully
automatically, accommodating any quantity.

08 / Experience our products in person: Our quality speaks for itself

Meet Us in Bensheim, Germany: We’re Passionate
Paper Packaging Experts. Join us at an exhibition
or visit our showroom. We excel at turning ideas
into reality, serving renowned luxury brands. Give
us a call, and let’s start your project!