Versatile and eco-friendly: The beauty of paper

We use sturdy paperboard for rigid boxes, prioritizing sustainability with 100% recycled
greyboard inside, available in various thicknesses. For the exterior, choose from a variety of
paper types, coated and uncoated, typically 130-150 gsm, allowing for personalization with
matte or glossy finishes, embossing, and foil stamping.

A significant part of the rigid box is made from recycled greyboard, making paper packages
a sustainable choice. Achieving up to 100% recyclability depends on paper material,
functions, and finishes. To increase the degree of sustainability we also depend on the
choices of our clients and brands. Many clients use FSC-certified paper.

In material customization, we offer diverse paper options, understanding each brand’s
uniqueness. The decision is yours, but our experts are here for guidance, ensuring a seamless
process tailored to your needs and brand identity.

Reputable art paper suppliers for sophisticated paper exteriors.