Box construction

Structural design and engineering

The structural design of rigid boxes holds a profound significance in the world of packaging. It goes beyond mere aesthetics and plays a pivotal role in ensuring the functionality, safety, and overall impact of the packaging solution.

At its core, the structural design of rigid and folding boxes is about creating a sturdy and reliable enclosure for the contents within. It provides protection against external factors. This means that delicate or valuable items can be transported and stored with confidence, without the risk of damage.

Moreover, the box construction directly influences the user experience. It determines how easy it is to open and close the box, how well the contents are organized within, and how efficiently the box can be reused or repurposed. A well-designed rigid box enhances the convenience and practicality of packaging, adding value to both the product and the brand it represents. Rigid box constructions seamlessly blends art and engineering.

Book-Shaped Box

Double-Opening Door Box

Drawer Box

Rigid Shoulder Box

Hinge Box With Shoulder

Hinged Box with Laser Cut

Rigid Box with Supported Feet

Cylinder Box with Shoulder