Packaging Structure

Structural design and engineering

Structural packaging design is one of our key strengths. Our knowledgeable and versatile design team works directly with clients to understand their vision and desired high-impact end result.

Our structural packaging design team creates a variety of solutions – original concept sketches, paper designs, 3D prototypes and highly functional designs that help clients visualize and make real decisions. Our team delivers concepts that are aligned with manufacturing to ensure manufacturability, following JYX PACKAGING’s daily mantra of „pushing the boundaries“ for structural packaging and display designs.

When you package your product, you want it to attract potential customers and leave an impression. There are many ways to embellish your packaging with embellishments to give it shine, texture, pattern or other three-dimensional effects. You can also combine different embellishments to create a custom, truly original look.

Book-Shaped Box

Double-Opening Door Box

Drawer Box

Rigid Shoulder Box

Hinge Box With Shoulder

Hinged Box with Laser Cut

Rigid Box with Supported Feet

Cylinder Box with Shoulder